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The Virtual Band
#VirtualBand starts with auditions, which are held twice a year, once in the early summer, and once in the fall. Anyone of any age and location can audition as long as they play one of the traditional band instruments available to audition on. Auditions are optimized to be able to fit into a 15 second video and must be submitted as such. You can find information on how/when to audition on the "audition" page. After the deadline passes to audition, the submissions are judged by a team of college students and about 50 musicians are selected. Each of the selected participants receives one piece of music and they are asked to learn and record themselves playing their piece to a video of the conductor and send it in. Then the hard part begins. The videos are stripped of their audio and organized by part. the audio files are lined up and merged based on section and part. The combined audio clips then get mixed and merged to create one unified audio which results in a grand concert band sound. At the same time, all the videos are sent off to be organized into a video collage which may include a variety of special effects. The video of the conductor is placed in the middle and the timing of the videos are lined up so that everything matches realistically. Last the audio is placed in the video to create a finished #VirtualBand video. Want to play or audition now? Click

Small Ensembles
Small Ensembles, such as clarinet quartets, brass quintets, percussion ensembles, etc., are also audition-based. Auditions start by learning one of the parts (trombone 2, or flute 1, for example) of an ensemble. Musicians then record themselves playing the whole piece and submit it as their audition. This means that the audition is the only thing needed to take part in a small ensemble. The auditions are then judged and the best video of each part is then directly used in the combined video. The result is a full length Virtual Small Ensemble.

To find ensembles that are currently taking auditions, visit the "Auditions/Submissions" up top, or click
HERE If you don't see an ensemble that you can audition for, don't worry, there will be one soon!

Choirs are ensembles of just one instrument that require no audition and have no limits as to how many people can participate. For example, a bassoon choir might have only 5 parts to it, but can have many more than five bassoonists. If there were to be 20 bassoonists that submit a video, then there would be roughly four playing each part creating a large choir-like ensemble of bassoons. Here's how it works: musicians choose a part to learn. Once the piece is completely learned at the correct tempo, they record themselves playing it and submit that video. If all the requirements are fulfilled in the video, then that person is guaranteed a spot in the choir.

To find choirs currently accepting auditions visit the "Audition/Submissions" up top, or click
HERE If there isn't a choir for your instrument, don't worry, there will be one soon!

Submit Your Own Video
#VirtualBand features Virtual Creations (#VirtualCreation) made by you! Musicians who make their own videos and want to show off can submit their video to #VirtualBand for a chance to be featured on our FaceBook page and website. #VirtualBand encourages you to create your #VirtualCreation, if your confused or need help making your own #VirtualCreation, click